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Buy your own London Tube Station

The tube station where Winston Churchill had his secret command centre is up for sale at a cool £20 million. Brompton Road tube station, now disused, closed in 1934 and has since been owned by the MInistry of Defence. Now they’re putting it up for sale to the highest bidder. The property includes a drill […]

St Paul’s Cathedral, More Than a dome

Today the cameras are going to be trained on London for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, and one building in particular will be in the limelight; St Paul’s, London’s cathedral, known especially for its iconic dome. I suspect attention will be more on those in the congregation than the building, but maybe some of those watching will […]

Walworth Old Town Hall Three Days After the Fire

When I hopped off the bus at lunch time on Thursday and dug my little Olympus out of my pocket to take some photos of the Old Town Hall I didn’t expect to cry, but that’s what I did. I was biting my lip, looking at the ruined roof, the sky visible through the shocked […]

The Cuming Collection

You never know what the day will bring. Just this morning I went past the newly stacked portacabins outside the soon to be demolished Heygate Estate and saw that the notices have gone up advertising the Charlie Chaplin Festival next month. Chaplin claimed that he was born in Walworth. It seems plausible, his parents were […]

Two British Icons Closed Forever

  Two icons of Btitish life closed their doors yesterday (March 22) amid mixed emotions. BBC’s purpose built Television Centre, opened in 1960, was serenaded out by Brit pop group Madness. The Grade II listed architectural jewel, wich has been home to the Monty Python team and Dr Who, amongst myriad well-loved television series,  is […]

Regenerating the Elephant

We were so lucky with the weather for the Elephant and Castle walk yesterday. And I was lucky to have such a nice group of people for the walk. Thanks everyone who came along. It’ll be on again later in the year, see for details. As some of you know, the Elephant is undergoing […]

English Physicists prove Roald Dahl wrong

So: Roald Dahl, in his classic children’s book James and The Giant Peach, has a spectacular finale when James is borne across the Atlantic Ocean by 501 seagulls. And, charging happily past the concept that any peach could be that big – or indeed that any child could be safely transported on it – fourth […]

They’re going to declare him Richard III….

The remains of a body found beneath a Leicester car park will be confirmed as Richard III – even if DNA tests do not prove conclusive, a source close to the dig has told The Telegraph in Britain. The excavation, which took place in August of this year uncovered overwhelming evidence that this was Richard […]

Jack Russell terrier commutes alone to London

A Jack Russell terrier hopped aboard the King’s Cross train bound for London and helped himself to a window seat watched by bemused commuters. CCTV footage shows six-year-old Frankie pottering happily about the train after he ran 1.6 miles from his home to Gravesend Station. And he had the glorious freedom of the train for […]

In The News

Time For Bed, Grandad The Rolling Stones breached their curfew this week.  Playing at the O2 Arena, according to The Telegraph: …the quartet, all aged in their 60s and 70s, were half an hour late starting, which meant the concert did not finish until just after 11pm [and] their set ran 40 minutes over a strict curfew. […]