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Harcourt Arboretum Oxfordshire

Posted on 30/10/2013 by Pseu Yesterday the sun shone in a clear blue sky and it felt distinctly Autumnal. We decided that it was just the right sort of day to walk among the trees. We are lucky. Locally, less than 17 miles from here, there is an arboretum which has been part of Oxford […]

Sculpture at Canterbury Cathedral

On Sunday we had a visit to Canterbury Cathedral, and despite the fact here was a service on (in the Quire) we were free to roam around the rest of the Cathedral  – and so we did, though that felt a little strange to me. I’m not religious, but I respect those who are and […]

Reflected light

A trip out today to Waddesdon Manor – our astonishing local Renaissance-style château… which is about half an hour from us, just out of Oxfordshire and into Buckinghamshire, UK (not in deepest France as you may guess just looking at it)…. Our visit was not to go around the house, but just to have a […]

Around Britain in a wheelchair

This half-term we have been testing the various ‘Shopmobility‘ centres, firstly in Liverpool and then in Bath. In the past we have also borrowed from Milton Keynes. The Shopmobility scheme offers short-term loans of mobility aids, all over Britain, to enable access for those with reduced mobility, to the shopping areas around the country. A […]

An Oxfordshire Walk in the Park

The Duke of Marlborough has a very fine house with very fine grounds, which are open to the public and we are so very lucky to live so close! Our weekend guests wanted a walk, and as Sunday was crystal clear we drove to nearby Woodstock. The Duke of Marlborough’s house is in fact Blenheim […]

Around Wales without a map

Normally I have a road map in the car, but the last one (a spiral bound large-format affair) had gradually come loose from its moorings: that’s to say the spiral binding was no longer binding, and I had discarded the loose leaves and useless twirl in disgust on the day I packed up to go […]

Back to School

WARNING: This post contains spiders There’s something magic about the start of September in the UK. It’s a subtle change, but whatever the weather beforehand (this year a rather wet and unpredictable summer) September seems to come into its own, on cue, just as the school term starts. Even if the weather is wonderfully warm […]

Nice day for a white wedding

As we are 25 years into our own marriage, and not yet ready for our generation’s off-spring to be tying the knot we’ve been ‘wedding-free’ for some years. So we were delighted to have an invite –  and it was a lovely opportunity for a weekend away to deepest Sussex. So we chose bed-and-breakfast accommodation, […]

The Lake District, and why it is so green

So at the end of this rather wet British Summer, we went to the Lake District. We don’t go to the Lakes expecting dry weather every day, but it is good to see the wonderful scenery lit up by sunshine. This time mainly it was rather wet, but the boys and I did get out […]

Open gardens, Oxfordshire

The Yellow Book Scheme is a very British thing it seems to me. The premise being to open your garden and invite folk in, sell tea, cake and cuttings, then give the takings to charity. The charities they support are close to my heart and I love going around gardens, especially those gardens which are […]