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A Little Bookshop With A Big Story To Tell – Ours

Big is best. Globalisation is the future. Online over High Street. Thus speaks the zeitgeist before it invariably fades away. That it does can be no surprise; as C. S. Lewis once said, what is not eternal, is eternally out of date. He was talking about matters of religion; this post is concerned with something […]

Sylvia Plath: In Memoriam

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the American poet Sylvia Plath’s death. In the early hours of 11th February 1963 she committed suicide by gassing herself in the kitchen of her Primrose Hill home. Plath is buried in the new graveyard of Thomas a Beckett church, Heptonstall, West Yorkshire. I visited her last resting place in […]

The London Library

As our society becomes increasingly atomised it becomes ever more important to find a community; a place where we can not only be but be with other people. Pubs and football grounds are available for those who like beer and balls; for the thinking man there is the London Library. The London Library was founded […]

A Culture of Ghosts

The United kingdom is not only the sum of her parts but those elements that no longer exist. This was brought home to me on a recent walk up Highgate Hill in London. On a wall two thirds of the way up is a plaque (above), which, as you can see, is dedicated to Andrew […]