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Buy your own London Tube Station

The tube station where Winston Churchill had his secret command centre is up for sale at a cool £20 million. Brompton Road tube station, now disused, closed in 1934 and has since been owned by the MInistry of Defence. Now they’re putting it up for sale to the highest bidder. The property includes a drill […]

Two British Icons Closed Forever

  Two icons of Btitish life closed their doors yesterday (March 22) amid mixed emotions. BBC’s purpose built Television Centre, opened in 1960, was serenaded out by Brit pop group Madness. The Grade II listed architectural jewel, wich has been home to the Monty Python team and Dr Who, amongst myriad well-loved television series,  is […]

English Physicists prove Roald Dahl wrong

So: Roald Dahl, in his classic children’s book James and The Giant Peach, has a spectacular finale when James is borne across the Atlantic Ocean by 501 seagulls. And, charging happily past the concept that any peach could be that big – or indeed that any child could be safely transported on it – fourth […]

The Pigeons Who Take The London Tube.

We were wandering by a highly recommended London blog called Thoughts From Finchley when its proprietor, Martin,told us about a strange habit the wildlife have on the London Tube. You can read his post – Passenger Pigeons– here. They’ve been doing it for years,baffling scientists with what looks like evolutionary behaviour: the pigeons who take rides […]

An English City at Christmastime

When it is not raining, midwinter suits the English city. And Winchester – England’s old capital, with a street system laid out by Alfred the Great and a castle and cathedral which go back one thousand years and more – Winchester especially loves a sunny English day. I turned up there in bright sunlight to […]

The Santa Run

How fast can Santa run? All across Britain, they’re finding out. Because the UK has a network of Santa Dashes, all to raise money for worthy causes – thousands of santas in running shoes, en masse. There are tall santas, short santas, female santas and male santas, human santas and – yes- even doggy santas. […]

Flooded out: the UK in crisis

  I am thinking of getting the blueprints for the Ark out of storage. We are veterans of rain, here in the UK. We have plenty of umbrellas and wellington boots.  But even we are a little nonplussed at the sheer volume of water our leaden skies seem able to drop on us at the […]

A Very English Visit to the Pub

England: cold, bleak, dank. November is not the optimum time for outdoor comfort; the mist seeps into your bones and turns the tip of your nose red. Here we are in our winter woolies. Since time immemorial, we and our forebears have wrapped up warm and strode out into the grey melancholy landscape of England […]

Vampire burial discovered in England

A new look at old papers has revealed there could be a vampire buried in an English minster town. The burial, in Southwell, Nottinghamshire – thought to be from around 500-700AD – is extremely unusual, because the corpse was buried with metal spikes through its heart, shoulders and ankles. Its existence has come to light […]

British Police Headquarters to move out of New Scotland Yard

Police are to move out of New Scotland Yard in a £500 million cost cutting exercise. The police headquarters – which is close to Downing Street and the Ministry of Defence – is a national landmark, distinguished by the revolving sign outside. But the signature building is just part of a swathe of police property […]