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Literally the best

Cheltenham Festival of Literature is back for another year with a fresh host of brilliant popular writers, personalities, politicians,  many units being shifted and the literati gliding in a mannerly and peaceful way around some splendid venues and tents.   The Festival used to be held in Cheltenham Town Hall with statues of Edward VII […]

Comic capers…and other food

What do parents do to give their kids a culinary treat these days, I wonder? Take them for a burger and a free toy to compensate for the disappointment of the burger? Take them to a pizza place where they can choose from a dozen different sickly sweety toppings for their ice-creams? With my own […]

A graphic day out

If you like to play around with aquarelles, colouring pencils or a dreamily soft 6B while you’re having a cuppa, there is only one place in England you need to visit. It’s a place that may be the subject of gentle ridicule when you mention it in a mixed company of non-artists, for it seems […]

Still rolling those cheeses

Officially, it doesn’t exist; the ancient and unique custom known as cheese rolling was officially banned in 2009. It was the year it got publicised around the world, thus encouraging 15,000 visitors to gridlock the modest village of Brockworth in Gloucestershire to see the annual peculiarity. Who wouldn’t want to go see someone bowling huge […]