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Sport – en-chanting soccer songs

British football crowds sing songs at matches – known as chants. Often they are rude and generally mock the opposition, either en masse or individual players. At their best they are warm, self-deprecating and funny; at their worst they are crude, sexist or racist. Some manage to be all three in one verse. But every […]

Sport – The Non-English Premier League

The English Premier League is the best in the world – but it isn’t very English anymore – not that British if truth be known. Although football has been played in many forms since the days of the caveman (behaviours have improved a little since then, though not much); but it’s recognised that it was […]

Not quite cricket

Cricket is a subject that can ignite the strangest passions. While not raw and tribal like soccer, it can – nevertheless – still cause more than the odd furrowed brow. And never more so when the question of ‘bad form’ comes to the fore. Form – in this case – is the old Victorian notion […]

Season’s greetings – soccer is back

The soccer season is about to begin again. It’s the national sport and the re-commencement marks a subtle shift in the mental calendar of a large chunk of the population. It means the start of the old routine again; the beginning of the end of summer. The early games of August are a phoney war […]