Harcourt Arboretum Oxfordshire

Yesterday the sun shone in a clear blue sky and it felt distinctly Autumnal. We decided that it was just the right sort of day to walk among the trees. We are lucky. Locally, less than 17 miles from here, there is an arboretum which has been part of Oxford University since the sixties, Harcourt Arboretum – but we had never visited it.

The entrance fee is reasonable, and there are concessions. But no cafe – this is a low-key place from that point of view; but they don’t mind picnics, so next time we’ll go prepared! Also there is no wheelchair provision, but a few of the paths could be passable with a sturdy wheelchair, with a sturdy pusher, and again, next time, if visiting with Milly, I would try to bring one with me.

??????????They were gearing up for an afternoon event: ‘Autumn Art at the Arb’ and this is the first thing we came across – a sculpture in progress, with all the debris still scattered around. So interesting to see the chunks of discarded outer wood, giving an idea of the size of the original tree trunk.

??????????This is a ‘Giant Redwood’: the site has some of the biggest redwoods in the country. The cones lying on the ground though, are rather small!


We wandered around for a while, soaking in all the colours…

?????????? Red leaves??????????

Peacockspeacock IIIAnd sunlit leaves ??????????Entrance to the Arboretum also includes a visit to Oxford’s Botanic Gardens. But that will have to wait for another day.



  1. Somehow I’d like to see the sculpture left as is and half-finished. It evokes so much about nature and autumn.

    1. Yes, I think that would be good.

  2. The colours are absolutely stunning, Pseu. When the sun comes out it is just the most wonderful pallette of colours. Thanks for the tour! Lovely!

    1. 🙂

  3. lanceleuven · · Reply

    That last shot is gorgeous!

    1. thanks!

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