Buy your own London Tube Station

Pic via Time Out London

Pic via Time Out London

The tube station where Winston Churchill had his secret command centre is up for sale at a cool £20 million.

Brompton Road tube station, now disused, closed in 1934 and has since been owned by the MInistry of Defence. Now they’re putting it up for sale to the highest bidder.

The property includes a drill hall, a mess and a private network of tunnels.

But new owners won’t be able to hop on the tube using their own private platform: Transport for London owns the platforms and they have been sealed off.

You can read more at Time out here.



  1. Yes please- if I have any money left from buying a house on the front at Lyme Regis…

    1. I think we all need some serious cash to achieve the lifestyles to which we intend to become accustomed. Let’s all win the lottery.

  2. lanceleuven · · Reply

    How absolutely fascinating. If only I had twenty mill…

    (BTW The link didn’t work for me. But that may well have just been my incompetence ;-))

    1. Hi Lance….the link is now up and live for you. Sorry about that.
      I know. Just £20 million between us and the Kensington property of our dreams. Magic.

  3. It seems too important to sell to just anyone for just any purpose. But that’s an outsider’s view, and a romantic one, I guess. And I suppose there will be restrictions of some kind.

  4. […] that, for some reason, I haven’t been to in a while. I tried and failed to comment on the post Buy Your Own London Tube Station. Which left me wanting to buy one, I must […]

  5. Thanks for the info – was not aware of this fascinating little piece of info…

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