Monthly Archives: April 2013

Tintinhull House & Garden

Tintinhull garden in Somerset is described as one of the most harmonious small gardens in Britain which surrounds an equally charming manor house. Amateur gardener Phyllis Reiss designed the garden in 1933 when she and her husband, Captain F.E. Reiss, bought the house. Her vision was greatly influenced by Hidcote, which I showed here last […]

St Paul’s Cathedral, More Than a dome

Today the cameras are going to be trained on London for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, and one building in particular will be in the limelight; St Paul’s, London’s cathedral, known especially for its iconic dome. I suspect attention will be more on those in the congregation than the building, but maybe some of those watching will […]

Lichens in my garden

I love the lichens that thrive and grow in my garden. Every lichen is a partnership between members of two different kingdoms which live together in a special, mutually beneficial relationship – a symbiosis.  Each lichen is made up of a fungus and an algae: the body of the lichen is built up by a […]