Two British Icons Closed Forever


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Photo via

Two icons of Btitish life closed their doors yesterday (March 22) amid mixed emotions.

BBC’s purpose built Television Centre, opened in 1960, was serenaded out by Brit pop group Madness. The Grade II listed architectural jewel, wich has been home to the Monty Python team and Dr Who, amongst myriad well-loved television series,  is due to be revamped and turned into a hotel, apartments, offices and studios by developer Stanhope.

The BBC will move into about 20 per cent of the original space when the redevelopment is complete.

Meanwhile in the Oxfordshire countryside, the great cooling towers of the coal-fired power station, Didcot A, will be still for the first time since 1970.  The controversial station has outraged Oxfordshire locals, had been stormed by Greenpeace and is blamed for local pollution. But others see the station as a landmark.

Didcot A is just too expensive to modernise so that it comes in line with the new European legislation, its owners NPower say. And so at 2pm yesterday, the switch was flicked to turn the station off permanently.

You can read more about Television Centre here

And Didcot A here.



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