An English City at Christmastime

When it is not raining, midwinter suits the English city.

And Winchester – England’s old capital, with a street system laid out by Alfred the Great and a castle and cathedral which go back one thousand years and more – Winchester especially loves a sunny English day.

I turned up there in bright sunlight to find a city bedecked in Christmas lights and tourists swarming around the Christmas Market, set up for December only in Cathedral Close.

The City’ like so many, is on a river, and old water mills attest to the life it has led; and the waters flow out past the house in which Jane Austen breathed her last, to Winchester College- the oldest school in the land.

And they continue to the Water Meadws: a set of man-made channels in which salmon teem.

It is a fairytale sight: join me.




  1. westseventhfreelance · · Reply

    I know it is the sentiment of the holidays, but your photos are so lovely and I am a bit weepy. When I was 12 (eons ago) my mother and dad and I lived In Kirtlington for a year. It was one of the happiest years of discovery for my family. Sometimes, I feel that England is at my core. They are both gone, but the memories shine for me through your stories and photos. What a perfect gift. Happy Christmas!

    1. What an absolutely lovely comment, Westseventh….thank you! Kirtlington is a beautiful spot to choose; what with Roman roads and ancient churches…I love Oxfordshire. I do hope you make it back to our shores again.

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  3. The photos are beautiful. I would love to spend the Christmas season in England–the result of reading too much Dickens, I guess. If there’s such a thing as too much Dickens.

    1. The snow cannot be depended on, but the rest is all here, Kathy. Hope you get to come and spend a Christmas here one of these days.

  4. A delicious post Kate with lovely images♥

  5. Beautiful images, Kate. I must return to Winchester soon. It won’t be in the ‘season’, but I feel a trip coming on….. Christmas Greetings to you, yours, and you other bloggers here.

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