They’re going to declare him Richard III….


The remains of a body found beneath a Leicester car park will be confirmed as Richard III – even if DNA tests do not prove conclusive, a source close to the dig has told The Telegraph in Britain.

The excavation, which took place in August of this year uncovered overwhelming evidence that this was Richard himself – so convincing that DNA evidence will not be the making or breaking of the case.

A spokesman for Leicester University, whose archaeologists carried out the investigations, said new evidence has come to light since archaeologists briefed the press in September 2012.

Richard III’s body was supposed to have been taken from the field of the Battle of Bosworth to a Franciscan friary in the city: and clever detective work has led to the church being located, after centuries, in a car park next to the social services offices in the centre of Leicester.

Press were told in September that the body found has a curvature of the spine and a head wound consistent with what we know about the king; and a briefing next month will outline radiocarbon dating and dental details, and images of the body. The details are to be screened in a documentary on Britain’s Channel 4 in January.

You can read the full story here at the Telegraph.



  1. I wish we could get that documentary in America. I’d love to see that. You’ll just have to share an update! This is fascinating!

  2. Thank you for the update!

  3. I thought the spine thing was just a scurrilous rumour set about by his enemies.

  4. Whose DNA are they matching it against? I know the Queen has refused such testing for the two bodies reburied in the abbey, believed to be Edward V and the Duke of York.

  5. Heather · · Reply

    If the remains are declared to be Richard III will he be buried at Westminster next to his wife Anne or will he just have a service in Leicester? Whichever place is decided upon, assuming that the remains are declared as genuine will there be a funeral? Will members of the public be allowed to attend?

    1. Heather, it is early days, though we will keep you posted….the first step is to see what they say in this briefing in the new year. Practicalities, I have no doubt, will follow. But if members of the public are allowed I shall at least line the route!!

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