Jack Russell terrier commutes alone to London

Photograph from The Telegraph

Photograph from The Telegraph

A Jack Russell terrier hopped aboard the King’s Cross train bound for London and helped himself to a window seat watched by bemused commuters.

CCTV footage shows six-year-old Frankie pottering happily about the train after he ran 1.6 miles from his home to Gravesend Station.

And he had the glorious freedom of the train for about half an hour before he was collared by a train manager.

Frankie belongs to the family of Jane Abbott, 47. She told the Telegraph: “What we don’t understand is why Frankie chose rail. He’s never been on a train before.”

The rail company have waived the dog’s charge. It would normally cost Franke £17.80 to make the commute into London.

You can read the full story- and watch film of Frankie’s escapades – here at The Telegraph.



  1. A very clever dog to prefer rail to air. Those d*mn airport security screenings are far too intrusive.

    1. Plus, I think Gravesend hasn’t got an airport, Kevin 😀 This dog is just too lucky…

  2. Glad there was a happy ending.

  3. Did this happen a while ago? i am sure i have read thsi story before. Ir are there hoards of Jack Russells determined to visit London?

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