Monthly Archives: December 2012

An English City at Christmastime

When it is not raining, midwinter suits the English city. And Winchester – England’s old capital, with a street system laid out by Alfred the Great and a castle and cathedral which go back one thousand years and more – Winchester especially loves a sunny English day. I turned up there in bright sunlight to […]

They’re going to declare him Richard III….

The remains of a body found beneath a Leicester car park will be confirmed as Richard III – even if DNA tests do not prove conclusive, a source close to the dig has told The Telegraph in Britain. The excavation, which took place in August of this year uncovered overwhelming evidence that this was Richard […]

A Norwegian Spruce

For the last 65 years a Norwegian Spruce measuring over 20 metres tall and with a suitably matching girth has arrived on these shores. Gifted by the city of Oslo to the people of London since 1947 as a token of gratitude for British support of Norway during WWll. The tree is prominently displayed in […]

Jack Russell terrier commutes alone to London

A Jack Russell terrier hopped aboard the King’s Cross train bound for London and helped himself to a window seat watched by bemused commuters. CCTV footage shows six-year-old Frankie pottering happily about the train after he ran 1.6 miles from his home to Gravesend Station. And he had the glorious freedom of the train for […]

Reflected light

A trip out today to Waddesdon Manor – our astonishing local Renaissance-style château… which is about half an hour from us, just out of Oxfordshire and into Buckinghamshire, UK (not in deepest France as you may guess just looking at it)…. Our visit was not to go around the house, but just to have a […]

Smith Square, Westminster, London SW1

Home and warm. I have led three London Walks this weekend; two from the main programme and one of my own from the repertory. I was early in Westminster yesterday morning so strolled and took some pictures. St John’s Smith Square is a well known well loved music venue. Originally a church, it was gutted […]

The Stone Age

When we visited Stonehenge the sun was lurking behind the clouds adding to the already mysterious and mystical atmosphere. The large Heelstone On the Wiltshire plains surrounding Stonehenge, ancient Barrows can be seen in the far distance (burial mounds). courtesy Andrew Dunn via wikipedia Neolithic man has left his mark all across the UK from […]

The Santa Run

How fast can Santa run? All across Britain, they’re finding out. Because the UK has a network of Santa Dashes, all to raise money for worthy causes – thousands of santas in running shoes, en masse. There are tall santas, short santas, female santas and male santas, human santas and – yes- even doggy santas. […]

The London Eye

A postcard collection of Eye photos. It was only supposed to be a temporary attraction, but its popularity has meant that twelve years on it’s still a London fixture attracting more visitors each year than the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramids of Giza. There are thirty-two pods representing the thirty-two London boroughs, but they […]