Hidcote – an Arts & Craft Garden created by an American in the Cotswolds

Hidcote was created by American horticulturalist, Lawrence Johnston during the early 1900s, and is described as one of England’s great ‘Arts and Crafts’ gardens. Johnston was born in Paris (1871) into a wealthy American family, he was educated at home and then in 1893 at Trinity College, Cambridge.  

The garden is in a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ of various characters and themes achieved by the creative use of box hedges, hornbeam, yew and stonewalls, all linked together by imaginative vistas.

Cornflower and Poppy meadow

The Giant Lily or Cardiocrinum giganteum – This lily is definitely on my want list. They come from the Himalyas and grow to about 12 feet tall.



  1. How lovely to have a taste of Summer!

    1. Yes, it is refreshing to see summer colours at this time of year.

  2. It is. My wellies are very wet. It’s lovely to gaze at Summer and these glorious flowers, Rosemary, thank you!

    1. Most of Autumn has been a dull, grey, wash-out so I thought a bit of Summer colour would be uplifting!!!

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