Flooded out: the UK in crisis


I am thinking of getting the blueprints for the Ark out of storage.

We are veterans of rain, here in the UK. We have plenty of umbrellas and wellington boots.  But even we are a little nonplussed at the sheer volume of water our leaden skies seem able to drop on us at the moment.

Our news reports are full of reports of unprecedented flooding. Some 800 homes have been affected across Britain as I write, and there’s more rain to come. My sister has just driven up from Cornwall and says the water on the roads is unbelievable.

And as I write there are still 240 flood warnings active: mostly for areas of Cornwall and the Midlands.

Old Sodbury in Gloucestershire has had a landslide caused by rain, and villagers have been evacuated; there are scenes of roads which have become rivers in Malmesbury.

We live in the South East, not far from Windsor, on high ground: but I can report that the queen’s Crown Land, the ancient forests which surround the castle, are waterlogged beyond belief. My dog disappears up to his armpits in the quagmire. The ground simply cannot take any more water. It’s staying on the surface and a walk without stout wellingtons is impossible.

As always, at Letter From Britain: we will keep you informed.




    1. Thanks, Rafael 🙂

  1. Stay safe and wear knee-high boots.

    1. Cheers Wbwise. Knee-high boots. Got it 🙂

  2. Kate, I hope everyone stays safe and well.

    Best wishes, Jillian

    I think you’re going to need a faster boat.

  3. Water levels are pretty high around here….. water as far as the eye can see across fields not far from here. Bath is awash I hear.

  4. You and your menagerie are always welcome to come and spend some time with me, Kate. I have a nice very, very small, but also very dry guest house! Any time! But while we wait for that opportunity, I also hope for a reversal in weather trends! I truly can’t relate. I envy so much of your countryside, but at the same time, not sure how I’d react to this much rain! oxo

  5. Keep those blueprints handy, Kate. You never know when an Ark will be just the thing.

    On an unrelated note . . . we watched a preview of Downton Abbey, Season 3 on PBS today. More great stuff in store for us.

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