Hampton Court Palace at Hallowe’en

It was not a crisp, sunny hallowe’en here in England, but a rain-smattered day which has settled to torrential downpour this evening.

Yet between the raindrops we caught some lovely moments at Hampton Court. We dutifully visited the haunted gallery, and experienced not the slightest twinge of unease. We picnicked in the members’ grace and favour apartment, sipping tea and looking out at the tourists milling around in the Clock Tower Square.

The light inside the palace was dim and set the scene for the hours which would creep towards midnight. We did not hear any terrified screams, or experience sudden drops in temperature, or catch a mysterious figure in grey drifting in the dark little Tudor corridors.

It was an affable, rainy, English afternoon, the like of which has been occurring since Wolsey built the place to win friends and influence people, around 1514.


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