“The Famous” of Cheltenham Spa town bites the dust

“The Famous”, a high class menswear shop in Cheltenham, opened in 1886 selling trousers for 13 shillings (65p) a suit for 30 shillings (£1.50) and overcoats for 5 shillings(25p).

Lamson vacuum system

Cash flow: The tube system for the business was installed in 1930 and is thought to be one of the oldest of its type in the country; the capsules are filled with cash by the shop assistants on the shop floor and sent along tubes using vacuum technology to the Cashier’s Office.

This particular Lamson Vacuum System will be going to a museum.

When The Famous opened its doors Queen Victoria was on the throne. It was the year of the first ever Crufts dog show, and the year that Arsenal Football Club was established. Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was first published in 1886.

A jacket for you sir?

Sadly, despite its old world charm, courteous assistants, wonderful ambience, wooden shelves, drawers and Lamson Vacuum System – everything must go before the shop finally closes its doors after 126 years of trading – a sign of the times?

images courtesy Mail Online



    1. Its part of the evolutionary process.

  1. Makes me wish I were close enough to buy a piece of it before it’s gone.

    1. That is where we are going on Thursday.

  2. Rosemary, is it still open a little longer? I have a mad desire to dash over there to visit. Your pictures are fantastic: they really sum up the spirit of the place. What a shame to see it go.

    1. Yes Kate, the big sale begins tomorrow (Thursday)
      H wears red Viyella socks, it is his one concession to a bit of flamboyance! They are the only stockist around here. Hoping they will have some in the sale.

  3. I used to buy my Dad’s caps in The Famous – shame that wood smell will always be a memory.

    1. It is a shame, but pleased to know that you are familiar with The Famous.

  4. Gosh! we are practically neighbours then.

  5. I REALLY hope that H can replenish his stock of red Veyella socks! It would be tragic if he had to resrt to black ones…

    1. Carolyn – I had no idea that you had discovered this site. Yes, red socks for H not black!!!

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