Spitfire pilot poet dies at 99

Photo source: The Telegraph

Flight Lieutenant William Walker – the oldest surviving Battle of Britain pilot – has died at the age of 99.

The airman was shot down in his spitfire on August 26, 1940, ambushed by a Messerschmidt, and bailed out over the English Channel. He was part of No 616 (South Yorkshire) Auxiliary Squadron.

In later life he wrote poetry in honour of his colleagues who lost their lives in one of Britain’s darkest hours.

He was a supporter of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust and wrote his most famous poem, Our Wall,which was inscribed alongside the 2,937 names of those who died in the Battle, at the memorial on the White Cliffs of Dover at Capel-Le-Ferne.


You can read more about Flight Lieutenant Walker’s life here

, at The Telegraph.



  1. “Per Ardua ad Astra”

    “Through Adversity to the Stars…”

      1. The RAF motto. Fitting, no?

  2. I heard this news this morning on R4, and a little of his poetry. 99’s a pretty good age

    1. It is. And he was so sprightly right until the end.

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