Windsor, my Windsor

I have lived around Windsor, England,  my whole life long: and I never stop loving it.

This morning was one of those quirky moments: my son had a football match at Home Park – the stretch opposite the castle, overlooking the railway – and I grabbed my camera, resolving to take a few snaps while my husband stood on the sideline.

Britain was behaving. There was not a hint of rain; a perfect deep blue Autumn sky, glittering low-slung sunshine, and all the tourist delights of one of Queen Victoria’s favourite haunts at my fingertips.

Sometimes, a picture paints a thousand words.

Come walk round Windsor with me.




  1. Thank you Kate ! As usual you have helped make my day alot better and kept me connected and amused and informed of my dear olde Blighty !

    1. Hi Grace, you are most welcome. It was such a beautiful morning!

  2. Kate, my last visit to England was in Autumn, and the weather was beautiful every day except one. How fortunate you are to live in such a lovely, historic place! Thanks for sharing your photos!-Jillian

    1. Jillian, I am glad your Autumn in England was a good one. The colours are so vibrant! We are lucky, you are quite right. Except, of course, when it rains….

  3. Today was a perfect day Kate and you have captured it beautifully. Love that gaggle of swans.

    1. They are fairly il-behaved swans, Rosemary, well used to tourists and rather swaggering. But they do look pretty.

  4. That’s a beautiful place to live. Thanks for allowing visitors on your walk.

  5. Bernadette Crumb · · Reply

    I’ve only just discovered this blog and I’m catching up on recent posts. This post made me wistful and homesick. I lived in England for 4 years when stationed in London with the U.S. Navy. I met my husband over there (an American serviceman), and the day that I realized that I was falling in love with him was the day we walked through Windsor after spending the morning and afternoon at Royal Ascot in 1986. I will always associate Windsor with that wonderful turning point in my life. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.

    1. What a wonderful tale, Bernadette: I can quite see how these pictures would make you feel wistful. Maybe one day you can both make a trip back to take a walk along the high street, past the castle, once again. Windsor will be waiting. It always seems to wait patiently for me 🙂

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