Cornish Resort Bans Mankinis

Police in a Cornish town say a ban on ‘mankinis’ has helped cut local crime by one fifth since 2009.

Newquay, one of Cornwall’s top surfing resorts, developed a reputation as a top Stag Party venue, attracting visitors from all over Britain to celebrate their last hours before the beginning of wedded bliss.

But the silly costumes worn by revellers were deemed ‘offensive clothing’ by local police as part of the ‘Newquay Safe’ campaign.

It’s paid off, the crime-fighters say: this Summer’s crime figures plummeted by one fifth compared to figures in 2009.

And it’s all down to banning the mankini and other outrageous outfits, Supt Julie Whitmarsh told BBC News.

She said: “Mankini is what we term ‘offensive clothing’, so we won’t accept people wearing them. They are just hideous.

“Is it just me, but if you were living in Bath for example, or Bournemouth, is that something you would wear to walk into town on a Saturday afternoon? No.”


You can read  the full story on the Mankini controversy at the BBC here.
Our mankini picture is courtesy of the Welsh Ferryside Lifeboat website, which reported on the annual New Year Dip and snapped one dipper in mankini. Further details here.


  1. A hideous crime against male fashion and good taste everywhere! 😀

    1. They are quite horrendous, aren’t they, Ralfast?

  2. Now I’ll probablt never see one.

    That’s a relief!

    1. Maybe we should be asking for a countrywide ban!

  3. In the U.S., there’s an ongoing discussion about the proper role of government. After seeing this post, I say the proper role of government–and I am unanimous in this–is to ban mankinis.

    1. And so say all of us.

  4. They are a crime against, well, just about everything. Horrendous.

    1. …or offensive, as the Cornish police might say…

  5. sassycoupleok · · Reply

    I can’t see the connection between this attire and crime…lol !! If a guy is brave enough to wear this he should be brave enough to just go nude. 🙂

    1. They do seem to be attributing a great deal to the mankini, don’t they, Sassycouple? A bit over the top.

      Ah, the British and nudity. A whole different post 😀

      1. sassycoupleok · ·

        Well yes it seems they are. I didn’t say I liked it either, in fact it’s design seems to be to draw your eys towards the crotch. Where as if one where totally nude I don’t think one would feel so offended as this suit seems to imply something sexual, whereas simple nudity does not imply that at all. I don’t really know of very many nude people committing crimes. Simply no where to conceal anything to commit a crime with !

  6. They don’t even come in pleasant colours!

    1. No: a tasteful china blue might work better.
      Or not.

  7. Wot larks

    1. …although perhaps an occasion for the observers to wear dark glasses.

  8. ruthrawls · · Reply

    I suppose only a man can wear a kini.

    1. Couldn’t have put it better myself, Ruth!

      1. ruthrawls · ·

        When I first glanced at the heading, I thought it said “Cornish Resort Bans Martinis”, and I thought, “Well, what about Bloody Marys instead, then?”

  9. I love seeing that the English have hilarious issues like us Americans. Isn’t the human race grand? 🙂 Life is fun…..

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