Better Late Than Never

Flag of the United Kingdom, Union Flag (also r...

Flag of the United Kingdom, Union Flag (also rank flag of an Admiral of the Fleet) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…Though better never late, we are told.

I am British.

I am late making my first post on Letter From Britain.  Not just late, but so late, I could almost be referred to as the late, late.

I apologise (a great British trait, making apologies; up there with queueing and not being late).

We Brits are renowned for our punctuality.  I can only plead fourteen years as an ex-pat in South Africa as my excuse; it is not relevant, but it is an excuse.   I have another: a busy summer that became an even busier September.

To make up for it, my next post will be about rain and camping. 

It doesn’t get more British than that.



  1. Lovely. I am beginning to suspect that one of the reasons I like this blog so is that I’m an Oregonian, and on the west side of the Cascage Mountains that equates to a long, long season of drizzling rain, moss, and people so polite they shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Sound familiar?

  2. I can never read too much about rain.

  3. Hurrah! Wonderful to have you on board.

    And It’s very fashionable to be late.

  4. Welcome, Tilly. So pleased you’re joining us. Looking forward to the British Camping Experience.

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