We are lucky enough to have a London guide joining us as part of our blogging team. GuideIsobel is a regular sight leading trails of tourists around Westminster and further afield. Here’s a taste of what’s to come…

Guided By Isobel

Several years ago I was reading an admiring article in a French newspaper, probably Libération, about sailor Ellen MacArthur. The journalist chronicled her achievements, and her determination when still a child, to sail. All this, he wrote, despite coming from landlocked Derbyshire. If you don’t know the geography of the British Isles, that might make it sound as though young Ellen lived so far away from the sea as to make it as distant as Mars. But, as the celebrated television programme Coast used to point out every week, if you live in these islands you are never more than seventy-two miles from the sea.
So it is hardly surprising that the sea and the coastline exercises such a pull on our imaginations, and contributes so strongly to our sense of identity. I grew up in landlocked Surrey, but trips to the seaside were a feature of every summer. We…

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