Tweed and Wellies: a peek inside an English County Show

It is one of the later shows in England: the Royal County of Berkshire Show (Sept 15 and 16), a regular fixture in September, is a magnet for English farmers, those who love their horses, ferret racers and many, many more.

The show has been running for more than a century, and provides a focal point for the rural community of Berkshire to meet, compete, bring and buy.

Every other visitor seems to be in tweeds and peaked cap; the market is filled with equestrian stalls and tweed suit emporiums.

Vintage tractors nestle close to brand new Volkswagen vans, attracting admiring glances from the farming fraternity.

There was every possible attraction from food tasting to pig showing: the BBC turned up to film a cookery spot at one of the stalls; the Royal Mint mobile exhibition was in attendance, and the fairground was a magnet for visiting children.

Letter From Britain was there to soak up the atmosphere: here’s the day in pictures.




  1. Is that a Supermarine Spitfire? Cool! 😀

    1. I believe it was up in the air doing stunts earlier: we saw it as we approached over the motorway, plummeting and then climbing. Amazing sight.

  2. This is my kind of county show: tweed, ferrets, a darling lamb, green grass, an overcast sky, and people wearing long sleeves. And a wonderful old tractor. You make me homesick for places I’ve never been.

    1. Thank you, Kathy! It was packed with events of the oddest kind, but very jovial.

  3. Kathy expressed it just right–“homesick for places I’ve never been”. This is exactly how I felt reading this post.

    1. Coming from you, TransplantedTatar, we take that as a huge complement. Thank you.

  4. Excellent insight to a county show. We used to go to the Lake District version….
    never knew there were so many breeds of chicken!

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