Bones of Iconic English King May Lie Under Council Car Park.

English archaeologists are on the cusp of an historic discovery: the bones of King Richard III.

The King who was demonised by Shakespeare, and who has carried the can for centuries for the death of the two princes in the Tower of London, was killed at the Battle of Bosworth during the death throes of the Wars of the Roses.

His body was dragged from the field and taken to Leicester to show the public he was really dead.

And after painstaking research, Dr John Ashdown-Hill, author of The Last Days of Richard III, discovered vital clues in Henry VII’s financial records which show Henry paid for an alabaster tomb to be placed over Richard’s grave.

The location? Greyfriar’s Church, Leicester.

It has long been thought that Richard’s bones were dug up by Henry VIII when he sacked Greyfriar’s, and thrown into the local river. But recent research  by Dr Ashdown-Hill shows this happened at a nearby monastery, not Richard’s resting place.

On August 25, archaeologists from the University of Leicester began to dig in the site – which is now a council-owned car park.

And initial finds include fragments of window which could only have come from a high-status building: glazed floor tiles, window tracery and part of a substantial wall.

Could this be the site of Richard III’s tomb?

There is an open weekend at the site this weekend (September 7/8).

The English public will get their chance to make up their mind.


You can read more about the tomb of the lost king at BBC News here

And the Guardian here

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  1. what fun, is he there, or isn’t he?

    1. I wonder if we’ll find out?

      1. i’m not too sure I fancy digging up a car park and being berated by frustrated motorists

  2. It must be fascinating to live in a place where the past is so accessible to the present. In the U.S., the past is such a blank, and the present is so temporary.

    1. It’s just a place which has been used for longer, Kathy: it has its advantages and its drawbacks. Where else would a king be buried underneath a council car park?

  3. Oh my hat, groundbreaking (pardon the pun), how very exciting if it turns out to be his bones!

    1. Time will tell, Cindy. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Still waiting in America to hear the news….. 🙂

  5. Have just read on the internet that human bones have been discovered!!!

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