Back to School


This post contains spiders

There’s something magic about the start of September in the UK. It’s a subtle change, but whatever the weather beforehand (this year a rather wet and unpredictable summer) September seems to come into its own, on cue, just as the school term starts.

Even if the weather is wonderfully warm and summer-like, as it is now, there’s an a palpable difference in September: the sun is lower in the sky, the dew point comes earlier as the temperature falls and the evenings draw in. Spider’s webs are festooned among the hedges, and strands of silk drift, glinting through the air, to catch you unawares, while leaves start to change, seed heads mature, and there’s a last burst of flowering.
Plus the air smells wonderful.

Last night, just as the sun lowered below the beech hedge at the bottom of the garden, I went outside in the oh so still, smudged-with-wood-smoke, soft evening light, and took a few snaps.

In the front garden the clematis has both seed headsand a solitary flower

and on the fence, the Virginia Creeper has reddened, with the more mature leaves, on the whole, turning first.

To my mind now is the time for New Term Resolutions: it’s a ‘start again’ time of year, and far better for new starts than the cold and dark of 1st January.



  1. I love your garden. Every snap sums up this time of year.

    And spiders are everywhere here, aren’t they?

    1. I think I should have gone out about 20 mins earlier as I had nearly lost the sun!

  2. I was photographing spider mandelas dripping with diamonds early this morning. The mist was just lifting to reveal another beautiful Indian Summer day.

    1. hi, I have ben over to your beautiful site, but it won’t accept my comment! It says my wordpress address contains illegal characters! Sorry.

      1. I wonder why that is – Kate is able to comment, but I know she has had a problem from time to time.
        You have probably seen my comments previously on Kate’s blog under the name Rosemary.

  3. ‘spider mandelas’ – what are they, please?

    I don’t think weve met properly, wherefivevalleysmeet, do you have your own blog? can I see your photos?

    1. It is just a word I use to describe them. I am sure you know Mandala is a sanskrit word meaning circle, and in common use, mandala has become a generic term for a geometric pattern in the round.
      Sorry I have just noticed that I spelt it incorrectly.

      1. aha! Thank you.

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