How to get comfortable in a Grace and Favour House at Hampton Court

Ever fancied being welcomed into one of the grace and favour apartments of a great royal palace?

If you ever make it to Hampton Court Palace on a trip to our shores, there is a little known privilege which can take you to the heart of the life of a courtier.

Yes: if you plan visits to all of the Historic Royal Palaces, it pays to get a membership card. Extremely reasonably priced at £43 for an adult, this will admit you to the Tower of London, Hampton Court, the Banqueting House where Charles I was executed, Kew Palace and Kensington Palace.

But flash the card at Hampton Court and ask for the Member’s Room, and you will be directed to a small but perfectly furnished grace and favour apartment.

Members can eat, prepare hot drinks, meet to chat: or just curl up with a book in one of the most ancient seats of English power.

Should you be heading in the direction of the UK, details of membership are to be found here.



  1. That sounds like a bargain

    1. It’s a lovely place to eat a picnic…

    1. If you’re ever in the area, Tilly…

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