What Am I Bid For A London Bus?

It has been London’s Summer: first the Diamond Jubilee, then the Olympics. And what better way to celebrate than buy buying your very own London bus?

The Routmaster joined other iconic London memorabilia in The London Sale today (September 3) at Christies, the South Kensington auctioneers founded in 1766.

And it fetched a healthy £67,250. – that’s $106,120.

Also featuring were a clutch of former prime minister Lady Margaret Thatcher’s iron-lady suits from the seventies. While some fetched just over £6,000, her jade green 1972 business suit brought overwhelming interest and a final price tag of £25,000 ($39,450).

Mrs Thatchers clothes have never been sold at auction before and a Christie’s spokesman told a BBC report that this was a ‘one-off opportunity’.

Also available was a sculpture of Guy the Gorilla from London Zoo , which fetched £2,250 or $3,550.



Read more about it here in the BBC’s report

Image sources: The Routmaster Manual here

And images of Lady Thatcher’s suits are from the Christies site here





  1. I just am left wondering who would pay so much for Lady Thatcher’s clothes?!

    1. I have no idea…it does seem a huge amount of money when the reserve price was just £1500….

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