The Man Who Found a Well in his Living Room

Image via Daily Mail

A slight dip in the living room floor has turned out to be a 33 ft deep well, dating back to the 16th century, for a man from England’s West Country.

Colin Steer, 61, noticed the dip in the front room of his Victorian home in Plymouth, Devon, 24 years ago and vowed he would excavate when he retired.

And last year he did last that: revealing a well 30 inches in diameter which he has dug to 17 feet, and which he estimates to be at least 33 feet deep.

According to British national newspaper The Daily Mail, Mr Steer has installed lights and a trap door for easy access to the well.

And five feet down, he found an ancient sword.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘I was replacing the joists in the floor when I noticed a slight depression – it appeared to be filled in with the foundations of the house.

‘I dug down about one foot and saw that it was a well but my wife just wanted to me to cover it back up because we had three children running around at the time.

He added: ‘I always wanted to dig it out to see if I could find a pot of gold at the bottom so when I retired at the end of last year that’s what I did.’

Old plans reveal the well to date from just after the end of the mediaeval period. The land on which the Steer’s house is built was woodland until the villas were built  in 1895.

For the full story and pictures, read the Daily Mail article here.



  1. How interesting that is and determined of Mr. Steer to see how far the depression went.

    1. It takes a certain passion for archaeology! Thanks for coming along to read and comment.

  2. and how patient he was….

    1. Indeed. I wouldn’t have been able to wait for 24 years.

  3. I hope the pot of gold is down there.

    1. if it is, we’ll tell you, Kathy 🙂

  4. Well, what do you know!

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  6. ruthrawls · · Reply

    There’s a well in a building in Charleston, South Carolina. It was a surprise to them, too!

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