The Lake District, and why it is so green

So at the end of this rather wet British Summer, we went to the Lake District. We don’t go to the Lakes expecting dry weather every day, but it is good to see the wonderful scenery lit up by sunshine. This time mainly it was rather wet, but the boys and I did get out on one lovely walk from our self-catering cottage.

We saw water, gushing down through the waterfalls…

and sheep, of various styles…..

Later  we walked through a camp site.I reckon this lot aren’t from the lake District, judging by their wall-effect wind-break which looks more like the Cotswold Stone I’m used to at home.

Moss thrives in this environment – damp cushions of green on top of the slate walls

We decided to come home a day or two early though. This was taken during a brief break in the clouds on the last day.

We came home through more heavy rain and last night it rained.
But rain doesn’t seem so bad when you’re home.



  1. megannwalsh · · Reply

    It looks gorgeous! I’d take a nice wet summer over the summer here in Saint Louis; humid, hot and dry. With my migraines it is a killer. This looks fantastic.

    1. wet has its good points

  2. Lovely pics!

    1. Thanks Stefter

  3. Oh, Pseu, I envy you 🙂 What a gorgeous holiday. Thanks for these beautiful pictures….

    1. the Lake District is wonderful and a regular haunt – but we are looking forward to being able to holiday in June and September, to avoid some of the school holiday rush

  4. The rain has been good for our greenery, however a few more sun rays before Autumn is officially here would be nice 😉

    1. I couldn’t agree more!

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