A Right Royal Marmite moment

This Summer we have been enjoying one of our favourite spreads in a whole new way.

Marmite brought out a Union Jack edition of the classic brown jar to celebrate the jubilee, and its presence has continued throughout the Olympic festivities.

Marmite had to alter the crown image on the label because the queen’s crown, coat of arms and personal imagery are governed by strict guidelines.

Alastair Whiteley, Hornall Anderson UK’s creative director told the UK’s Packaging News:”“Marmite is a brand steeped in heritage that has successfully launched product extensions, while retaining its much-loved personality. Marmite has ‘brand fans’, not ‘customers’. Marmite engages with people; it doesn’t sell to them. Marmite has a personality. It captures a wit.”



    1. I hadn’t Pseu! What a cool piece of kit!

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