On The Spot At The Olympic Marathon

The trains into London were packed out at 8am on a Sunday morning today. Because Brits were determined to go to their home Olympics just one more time.

The Men’s Marathon had no GB gold hopefuls, yet spectators packed every available space on the pavements surrounding the course which started at the Mall and wound past some of London’s greatest sights including Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral.

The sun shone and the atmosphere was electric on London’s streets as the runners tackled the 26 mile course.

The crowds created a unique atmosphere for marathon runners- of every nationality- as they ran the course.

It is the last day of our Olympics here and we were lapping up our last chance to bask in the warmth of an Olympic London. Soon, the rings will come down from Tower Bridge, the banners will be packed away and everything will return to its usual rhythm.

For now, though, we continue to party. Because London 2012 has been a blast.

Share with us some of the day’s party atmosphere.

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  1. London 2012 has been amazing, wonderful, inspirational.

    1. The people on the ground have been overwhelmed by it, I think.

      1. why not, such a great experience!

  2. I have seen so many more people out and about getting fit… running and on bikes…. over the last couple of weeks, that I’m encouraged to think the Olympics will leave a longer term effect behind, even once the bunting is down. In particular the positive female role models have given some young girls something to aim for other than glamour and looks in our celeb society.

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